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What is Project SAFTE?

SAFTE stands for Studying the Acquisition of illicit Firearms by Terrorists in Europe.
Project SAFTE is a new international research project funded by the European Commission.
Research is conducted by an international network of firearms experts. It is coordinated by the Flemish Peace Institute (Belgium).

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Four research questions

  1. What are the characteristics of illicit firearms markets in the EU?
  2. Who are the main actors involved in these illicit markets? How do terrorists access these markets?
  3. What is the national and EU regulatory framework to combat terrorist access to illicit firearms markets?
  4. What recommendations can be provided to EU policy makers, Member States and Third Countries to reduce and prevent terrorist access to illicit firearms markets?

Recent news


Mid-february the SAFTE research met for the first time in the Flemish Parliament in Brussels to kick off the research project.