• The Flemish Peace Institute is an independent institute
    dedicated to peace research and hosted by the Flemish Parliament

In focus

  • Firearms and violent deaths

    On June 25th, the Institute has published a new analysis of the linkages between gun ownership, firearms legislation and violent deaths in Europe. The study concludes that in the EU approximately 6,700 people die as a result of shot wounds each year and that there is a relationship between firearm possession and the number of deaths by firearms.

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  • Illegal firearms in Belgium

    In the new report ‘Guns for sale’ researchers Nils Duquet and Maarten Van Alstein give an overview of the basic characteristics of the illicit gun market in Belgium within a broader European perspective. The report has a specific focus on the size of this market, the actors involved and the ways in which these weapons end up on this market. 

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  • Arms Trade & Arms Production

    The Peace Institute examines legislation and policy concerning the international arms trade and monitors events and data on Flemish arms production and arms trade, with special emphasis on the end-use of weapons. The Institute also devotes special attention to the policy of the European Union: the unified defence market and the European agreements on export controls.

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  • Peace & Society

    An important objective is to halt and prevent the outbreak of direct violence within a society, but it is no less crucial to address the root causes of conflicts. The Institute highlights the possible sources of violence and their likely causes. Research is also conducted on social processes that promote and are conducive to the conditions for peace on both the local and international planes.

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