Tine Destrooper new director Flemish Peace Institute

As of January 16, Tine Destrooper is taking up the torch as the new director of the Flemish Peace Institute. She succeeds Tomas Baum, whose mandate expired this month, and wants to provide more support to the policy applied in the field of violence and conflict in society.

 Tine Destrooper took the oath today before the President of the Flemish Parliament, Jan Peumans. She holds a PhD in Social and Political Sciences, and was previously director of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice in New York. She carried out research at various European and American institutions into the consequences of violent conflict, and the role of the international community in the search for sustainable ways of dealing with such a violent legacy.

The new director brings wide experience in policy-oriented research to the Institute, and aims to build on the extensive expertise that the Peace Institute already has with regard to the arms trade and peace issues, and, above all, aims to use that expertise to also raise the awareness of peace issues in Flemish foreign policy.

The Peace Institute is working around two thematic pillars: ‘The trading and use of weapons’ and ‘Dealing with violence and conflict in society’. At the moment, the Institute is mainly at the forefront through its expertise from the first pillar. Destrooper now wants to make both pillars equally strong by systematically exploring where the information needs of policymakers lie with regard to violence and conflict in society.

Tine Destrooper succeeds Tomas Baum, who has been director of the Peace Institute since its inception. He built the institute into a respected institution with six full-time researchers.  Among other items, the research focuses on violent extremism, dealing with controversy in the classroom, war commemoration and remembrance, arms control, the illicit arms trade, and dual-use products.