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Nils Duquet (ed.), Triggering Terror: Illicit Gun Markets and Firearms Acquisition of Terrorist Networks in Europe, 480 p.

This edited volume offers an in-depth and detailed insight into Project SAFTE’s research findings. In-depth country studies were conducted in eight EU member states by research teams from the Flemish Peace Institute, SIPRI, SSSA, Arquebus Solutions, Small Arms Survey and Bureau Bruinsma. The in-depth qualitative research methodology involved desk research and semi-structured interviews with key international actors and stakeholders such as Europol, EMPACT Firearms, Interpol, SEESAC and the Office of the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator. The volume sheds ligh on how illegal firearms markets are structured in the EU and shows how terrorists access these.

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  1. Download country study Belgium
  2. Download country study Croatia
  3. Download country study Denmark
  4. Download country study France
  5. Download country study Italy
  6. Download country study Netherlands
  7. Download country study Romania
  8. Download country study UK
  9. Download chapter on EU neighbourhood: North Africa
  10. Download chapter on EU neighbourhood: Ukraine




Nils Duquet & Kevin Goris, Firearms acquisition by terrorists in Europe. Research findings and policy recommendations of Project SAFTE. 232 p. 

This report offers a systematic and comparative analysis of the findings of the eight country studies in the research volume and translates the findings to the realities of policy-makers, law enforcement officers and practitioners working on these topics.

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Fact Sheets

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  • The research project SAFTE
  • The main supply mechanisms of illegal firearms
  • The policy recommendations

Fact sheet about Project SAFTE

Fact sheets about supply mechanisms

Fact sheets about policy recommendations

  • 'Improving the intelligence picture to tackle illicit firearms trafficking' -  Download here
  • 'Optimising operational capacities and cooperation to combat illicit firearms markets' -  Download here
  • 'Upgrading the regulatory and policy framework on firearms' -  Download here




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